Rift: gearing up again

Several bloggers reviewing Storm Legion have mentioned the initial mob toughness – that you have to take care not to pull groups. I actually think, in Brevane at least, that the mobs are generally easier than Ember Isle; or the step up to Ember Isle from questing gear was harder than the step up to Brevane. Despite some crafted purples I still had a lot of old loot (mid 40s upwards) so I’m seeing some very large upgrades now.

Getting started on crafting

I’ve also started on my armoursmithing again and the first item I could make was a major upgrade (see above). I also got a new 2h mace from a quest that was a significant upgrade from my purple staff.

Old epic staff is poor in comparison to new shiny

I took a look at the vendor at Cape Jule for dimensions, a more luxurious dimension is 200 platinum or twice my current money; a bit expensive for me at present!

200! platinum!

Other than crafting and shopping I had a good session questing and then running an instant adventure. Interestingly I didn’t teleport into this from the menu option. I ran across the group charging across the zone and joined that way. It felt a lot more organic to join that way and the fun is the same. By the end of the chain of quests as we were fighting a boss there were ten of us and the difficulty ramped up to a nice level. Lots of healing practice once again!

Instant Adventure fun


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  1. pkudude99 says:

    I did that quest and got that exact same green maul this weekend. For me it was an ever-so-slight downgrade, though, so I didn’t switch to it. My cleric’s actually fairly decently geared in a mix of T1, T2, and set gear. So far I’ve only upgraded about 3 pieces to the new greens. But I’ve seen level 51 gear and it’s a HUGE upgrade from anything I’ve got in level 50. But I’m not level 51 yet. Soon. . . . .

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