Dimensions in Rift

This evening’s rather brief session did allow me time to do the prerequisite quests to open my own dimension on my main character.

Hut with a view

The starter dimension (for Defiant at least) is in Freemarch near the starter area. We have a non-functional hut, a couple of basic pieces of furniture, a torch and some building materials. Not enough to do anything useful with, but one flagstone and two planks did allow me to mess around a bit with the free placement of items.

Where’s my setsquare…

The freedom of the system does promise amazing potential for inventive players to let their imaginations go wild. I fear it may not inspire me to do much however as it all seems a bit ‘fiddly’ to be honest. I’m happy to find or acquire bits of furniture and to plan a harmonious arrangement for my dwelling. But actually designing and building something out of planks and stones is way beyond my patience. Even getting two planks to stand straight next to one another seemed a task and a half, perhaps a ‘clone orientation’ or ‘snap to’ option is needed?

Since I’m concentrating on the lavish new questing content I’m more than happy to leave this feature on the back burner. I do think that however advanced and flexible the system is there’s something missing, I didn’t immediately feel at home in my dimension in the same way my inquisitor did in his New Halas pad in EQ2. This could change if the game offers nice house item reward drops during normal activities. It’s one of the very well designed features of EQ2’s early questing experience – having cool momentos of your character’s journey is a great motivator IMHO.

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