Brevane beckons

Jumping into Storm Legion tonight I had already decided to go with the continent of Brevane, mysterious ruins and magitech both speak to my tastes more than a desperate struggle against hordes of undead since it’s not been that long since I was questing in Stillmoor. My computer downloaded the 3GB patch pretty quickly, I was in playing before early on in the process anyway and it carried on downloading as I played. A pretty good start and the server seemed to be coping well with the influx of players.

Through the portal

First stop in this overgrown jungle continent is a maze-like ruins to explore, full of hostile Storm Legion troops and unfriendly golems. After dithering around with a few quests I rode off in search of the next location. Almost immediately I came across the ‘carnage’ quest type – you kill a mob you haven’t fought before and get an instant quest to kill some more. Same with items of interest, such as blasphemous looking idols or interesting bits of technology – interact with one and you are encouraged to do more of the same through a quest.

Reminds me of SWTOR

Nasty looking elite mobs are dotted in a few places, easy enough for a tank or over-geared DPS to solo perhaps but my glacial priest healer spec and my rather bad gear meant I had to join others fighting such foes to stand any chance of victory. Despite trying a ranged dps build (Inquisitor/Justicar/Cabalist) last session, I’m finding I prefer the Glacial Priest role too much to want to swap back to Druid or to anything else new. I’ve always played the cleric archetype to have some healing – the pure DPS builds I’ve seen for clerics are woefully lacking in this department. It makes soloing mobs a bit slow but I’m not in any real danger if I don’t overpull.

As I was exploring and questing an event triggered and suddenly I was following the instant raid group across unmapped territory to defend wardstones I didn’t know existed.


The event culminated in one of the new BAM-style fights, and boy what a great introduction to the expansion! I got to heal a challenging fight on my first night’s play and it was great fun.

Magma breath

The fight took some time and there was a good deal of movement but all in all an easy enough introduction to larger group content out in the open world. My only concern is that at such an early stage the temptation to do these events will constantly break my stride on actually questing through the story for the continent. I’m not yet sure what balance to strike there but at least there’s a wealth of new content to do.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    I just mucked about on a new mage I rolled up last night in order to test out the Harbinger soul, then once I felt ok with it, swapped to my level 39 mage and re-did my souls and headed out to see how a melee-mage worked. Answer: Quite well.

    Tonight I’ll be hitting up the new areas with my cleric, though. I’m using a player-made spec they call “The Just Seer” which is a form of “druidicar” and it’s got decent self-heals and puts out a LOT of hurt. Or it did in the IA’s leading up to the day, anyway…… It will be fun to take it out and see how it does in the new zones, I think.

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