Anticipating the storm

I’m rather excited about tonight:

Is a storm brewing?

The skies were ominous over Meridian as I logged off for the last time pre-expansion. I’d had another session of doing dailies, trying to work out what gear I can get and then doing another invasion which failed because there simply wasn’t enough players.

Three heroes alone cannot stop an invasion

I did manage to find the missing quests for the current phase of the event, and after a few little tasks I was told to go to a series of dungeons (or are they raids?) to get some ritual items. Given the time left that wasn’t possible.

With the expansion launch I’ll have the gear reset to be on a level playing field with all the players that didn’t take a break. This time around I want to be in a decent size guild to be able to experience the group content, well at least some dungeons. I had one invite for a guild randomly yesterday which I’m seriously considering. I hope tonight is a new beginning for me on the Argent (EU) server!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    I just got the “1 year plus the expansion” deal, so I’m popping in a bit too. And after the expansion goes live, will probably be doing a lot more. New content to explore!!!

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