Taking stock

Mid November will be bringing a lot of new content to several games. Rift’s Storm Legion expansion will launch of course, also Everquest 2 has an expansion launching as well.

Storm Legion
Before I went away last week I’d pretty much done all I could hope to achieve in Rift before the expansion launch. Phase 3 seems a bit of a damp squib, I can’t see much happening in the world, although that could be because I’m not out looking for it in the right places. I could also be forging ahead with finishing the questing in Ember Isle but I think that metaphorical ship has sailed, it’d be a great area to do when heavily populated but not now it’s mostly empty on the Argent server.

The one decision left is for me to decide which continent to start with when the expansion launches, I’m tempted to go for Brevane as that sounds more interesting to me.

I’m most intrigued by the dimensions housing feature, since housing is really what charmed me most in EQ2, and the rather limited version of it in LoTRO is one reason why I’m less inclined to adventure in Middle Earth thesedays.


After seven years of being subscribed continuously to World of Warcraft I finally cancelled my sub today – I’d been waiting on my annual sub to run out and then was away. The lack of housing is a personal bugbear in an otherwise deep and very rich game. Sure Blizzard added a form of farming in Mists of Pandaria but still there’s no housing to allow players to really setup a long-term home in Azeroth. Housing isn’t the only reason for my departure, the talent changes were a step too far, and the constant evolution of Balance druids away from my preferred support playstyle were also factors.

Guild Wars 2
We have a new update coming to Guild Wars 2 in the form of Lost Shore. This link shows the schedule for the event that introduces a new zone and dungeon. Sadly, as per usual, I will be busy that weekend and will probably miss all of the three phases <le sigh>.

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2 Responses to Taking stock

  1. kaozz says:

    Yes, housing is one of the best things in eq2. I’m curious to see what rift can do.

    The farming in Wow seems a step in the right direction but I Miss it there. Balance druids seem more supportive than they have in years, at least to me. Mine is only88 or so though.

    • Telwyn says:

      I cannot fathom why Blizzard hasn’t done housing yet, it’d be enough probably to tempt me back. I’m unhappy with a lot of the little changes to Boomkin (I never liked what they did to eclipse in Cata either), and tbh I hate the new talent system. The ‘real choices’ idea for me means having to chose between spells I want. I’ll admit the limited healing in Boomkin form is nice though.

      Just when I’d decided that Rift was *the* game going forward to play solo Sony go and renege on the horrible PSS forced migration so I’ve been playing some EQ2 again just as a time filler before Storm Legion. 😉

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