Elder Scrolls Online video

I’m back from a week away so time to do some catching up on reading and posting.

Vagabond has a post highlighting the new dev video of Elder Scrolls Online with several of the developers talking about the vision for the game and a lot of short clips of action and scenery from the game.

I’ve not been a huge fan of Elder Scrolls though I’ve played several of the games. The biggest issue, certainly with Skyrim, was that I was already playing MMOs and the game world always seems ’empty’ without other players regardless of how much they script NPC movements and dialogue.

The online game of course could answer that big issue I have with the single player games. Two quick points I liked mentioned in the video were:

  • Eve Online style mega-server – so the host of issues with server population inbalance and fragmented communities *could* be addressed finally.
  • No competition for mobs, the game seems to be aiming for cooperation rather than competition at least for kills. This is pretty important especially with the mega-server model. Otherwise the game could have featured awful monster camping and kill-stealing.
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  1. VagabondEx says:

    I have the same issue with single player RPGs. But we will see whether TESO can change that without limiting the freeform adventuring/exploring type of gameplay that is so common in the TES games.

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