Forgetting the plot, intelligent design and a link back home

Phase 3 of the prequel event for the Storm Legion has started in Rift. I logged in to see what was up but the rather vague description from the event quest didn’t give me much of a hint. So I jumped into an instant adventure, in Meridian of course, and did my usual round of slaying air elemental invaders and cultists.

Everyone in the city lends a hand to the defence

It’s nice to see ‘background’ NPCs involved in this city invasion event – NPCs that I have seen walking in their set patterns hundreds of times suddenly are actively fighting elementals showing off their prowess. It’s added a great impression of realism to the city.

With my daily ‘complete 7 instant adventures’ done I found myself stood in the city wondering how I was supposed to progress in the story. It was then that I remembered where I’d left off, with the ambassador for a new land talking to the Icewatch in Iron Pike Peaks. I’ve played through all of Phase 2 just using the instant adventure feature, completely forgetting the story quests surrounding this mysterious visitor from afar!

Playing catchup

I finished a small chain of quests but also received orders to warn Asha Catari of a pending invasion of Meridian, hmm that would be the invasion I’d spent a week or more fighting? I think I’ve gotten way behind on this!

Intelligent design

Ms Catari asked me to complete a bunch of ‘defend the city’ instant adventures, ‘meh’ I thought since I’d been doing them for days. But immediately after accepting this quest the game completed it and gave me the reward – so the game had kept a counter of the number I’d been doing and credited my past efforts! This is intelligent game design at work, Trion didn’t assume everyone would do the story quests in the same order as the more dynamic event content.

So I guess I have more quests now for phase 3 waiting for me, but I’ve run out of time for this session. If I’m lucky I’ll do some tomorrow, otherwise it’ll have to wait a week as I’m away. Thankfully this phase lasts until the launch of Storm Legion on the 13th, so I’ll have a few days on my return to take a look at anything left to do.

Teleport Moonshade Highlands unlocked

Coincidentally I’ve unlocked the second tier of planar attunement for Water, granting me a Teleport Moonshade Highlands ability. A bit pointless at this stage in the game you might think, but I’m already thinking ahead to when I rebind my main soul recall ability to a new base or city in the expansion zones. This teleport could then be my free link back to the old world, not needed that often but still good to have!

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