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Are two faction wars good or bad for story?

I’ve just been reading the Massively interview with a SWTOR story writer. Some of the comments concur with a doubt I have of just how ‘fresh’ a main storyline can be if you base it heavily on a two faction … Continue reading

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Rift: ding! and leveling speed

I just played a session of Rift, and dinged level 52 finally. I’ve finished all the story quests and investigation/clicking things quests for Cape Jule and City Core yet I only just made level 52. I guess I’m supposed to … Continue reading

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GW2: undead swimmers and secret gardens

Last night’s Guild Wars 2 session was a nice antidote to my Rift grouping woes. The server (Piken Square) was buzzing all night in all the zones we went to, not “special weekend crazy” but a steady flow of other … Continue reading

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Slow leveling and guilds

I’m doing a lot of self-reflection and attempts at future planning related to study and work at the moment and that mood or mindset has been affecting my thoughts on the games I’m playing as well. I’ve been contemplating joining … Continue reading

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Rift: pacing new content

Since the questing in Rift has been split into story, carnage (kill X) and a third category of ‘in the field’ side quests (e.g. following some tracks) I’ve realised I have to backtrack. I’ve tended to ignore the carnage quests … Continue reading

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EQ2: Heroes Festival

Everquest 2 has a Heroes Festival live at the moment, which surprisingly for a potentially rather ‘meta’ event I’m enjoying a lot. There are actually parallels in some RPGs for adventurers to be given societies or guilds to belong to, … Continue reading

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Black Friday

Black Friday lacks any real cultural significance for me as a Brit (it sounds like the sort of name used to signify a day when a historically bad stock market crash occurred), but it’s unavoidable since I’m so involved in … Continue reading

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