Glorious sights and chaotic combats

I just had an amazing session of GW2 on our Azura. It was, as the title says, one of glorious sights and chaotic combat. The session started with some sumptuous showcase designs, more pirate-wreck-themed architecture in Lion’s Arch.

I just do not get bored of finding designs like this in game.

Then came the first of the chaotic combats. We fought a load of golems, only in one stage of the multi-stage instance I fell down some stairs and set off six of them at once by falling past dormant ones. What followed was an insane battle for survival with us succumbing and rejoining the fight several times.

Purple beams of DOOOOM!

I so rarely manage to catch good pictures of the lovely mesmer spell graphics. Since we were on a roll we kept going running another couple of stages of our shared Priory storyline. Carry on below for more, but there be spoilers!

Although I try and make my blog spoiler free, sometimes I just have to go into some details. The fight for Claw Island was an amazing set piece. Hordes of undead, siege weapons, spooky undead ships AND a dragon.

Undead ship dead ahead, cap’n!

The fighting was constant and pretty intense for several segments of the instance. In the end my elementalist friend was downed in the main courtyard as we tried to make a retreat. I had to keep going to res him for a bit and then retreating to heal myself up and recover after the nearby undead retreated. All this at the same time as the dragon was using a fear cone attack to force me to run every so often. It took several attempts and some adjustments to my skills to get him back on his feet!

A good story segment, but we were so glad when I also got completion despite it being his story – we didn’t want to have to repeat it again so soon!

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