Preparations complete

My rather reduced list of preparations for Storm Legion is now complete. I have crafted an epic shoulders piece and an epic helmet from the cheapest epic recipes I could learn.

Is this really an epic design?

I do not stand a hope of collecting enough epic crafting tokens to buy any more recipes, nor can I do enough normal dailies to amass the 500 standard crafting tokens to buy even a single epic token via an exchange NPC. With only two or three game sessions possible between now and the launch of Storm Legion that’s all I can manage.

I’ve done quite a bit of questing in Ember Isle now, perhaps half the island by my guess. If I can squeeze any more games in it’ll be to carry on the epic quest line there. I’m enjoying the questing but some elements, like the base-building of the ‘arches’, is impossible now there are so few players around for open questing.

Sun, sea, sandy beaches, hordes of pirates .. what more can an adventurer want?

The invasion of Meridian/Sanctum event continues, interesting to see that the random set of IA stages is varying more as the week progresses, I was surprised and delighted to see a monstrous dragon in the training ground today!

I suppose the quest green reward armour from Storm Legion will quickly replace anything I could make anyway so I’m not that worried. The issue will be how possible the new content is for someone in my gear, will I be able to fight monsters and not get flattened?

Time will tell, well the 13th of November to be exact!

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