Missed events and lasting changes

Posting screenshots about the Halloween event in GW2 would be automatically spoilerish at the moment. Yesterday there was a ‘special event’ pre-announcement – something would happen in Lion’s Arch at a set time (early evening in UK as it happens).

Sadly I saw the notice too late it was already over by the time I came to login. Thankfully Youtube has a nice couple of videos showing the event – [major spoilers!].

The servers were groaning under the strain last night, so busy with people! They even crashed or appeared to at one point, though we were back on within 10 mins or so. I suspect ArenaNet’s rather visually stunning and content rich event style will prove to be a hit with the GW2 playerbase.

For me the highlight has been the story collection treasure hunt activity. A series of clues hints at different locations, which you then go and wander around using an asuran scanner device to reveal a ghost. Talk to the ghost and you get the next clue plus a story of how that person was linked to Mad King Thorn, our villain for the event. It’s superbly done, several times we’ve seen locations that stood out for no reason and now they have an added purpose within this event.

Some of the random fights of this stage with the randomly appearing doors which can trigger major encounters with candy corn elementals  have been particularly enjoyable. A great demonstration of the event system. Near the start of our session we we’re persuaded to go check out the Shatterer, which meant trecking through parts of two zones we haven’t reached yet. Sadly that event had just ended so we missed out, you win some you lose some.

I do wonder what will happen after the whole event finishes? Will ArenaNet opt for a Simpsonesque reset and return Lion’s Arch to normal? Will there be a legacy of the event’s impact on the city to last  for some time to come?


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2 Responses to Missed events and lasting changes

  1. Vagabond says:

    Sadly I don’t have enough time to check everything, but it is indeed a very interesting way to introduce this event. (Also the load screen changed, another nice touch)

    I am also curious whether the gold/gem ratio will go back to the levels where it was before the event, because now it is like three times more expensive..

    • Telwyn says:

      The event is pretty badly timed for me too, I’m away for the whole of next week so lots of pressures taking away from gaming time. I suspect the price will normalize again as demand for gems will fall once the lottery aspects of the event die down. Not that I’m really paying attention to it as I’m nowhere near needing any – highest is still only level 53.

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