More Storm Legion thoughts

The class reveal for the Defiler was given in a live stream on Friday (Youtube version here). It was a relatively short video since they concentrated on the class and not going into details on other expansion features, though I was watching it while playing so I may have missed some details.

Glacial priest in action

My main class is cleric, so I should be most interested in the defiler soul. It looks interesting from a mechanics perspective with ‘links’ to redirect a percentage of damage from multiple party/raid members back to the cleric (kind of reminds me of the Rolemaster RPG’s Healer class mechanic of wound transferral). I’m not that big a fan of the ‘evil’ souls we have in Rift however. I want my character to be druidic or as it now seems more of a water/storm priest, I can play around a few different souls in that theme but dealer of death and stealer of life he most certainly aint! I do also wonder why the cleric soul got yet another healing style? I suppose it probably relates to the increased emphasis on soul synergies in the expansion.

Minimap shows a quest out in the field, waiting to be collected

I’ve also read recently about the changes to quest hubs for the expansion, they will focus on story quests only. All ‘kill quests’ will be given out in the field and handed in back at an appropriate NPC. This has already been trialled at the Ember Isle zone, which I am now (finally) exploring so I’ve seen this first-hand. I like the rather neat distinction. It makes it easy to decide whether to take quests at a glance depending on your preferences. Certainly on my main I’ll want to progress through as much story as possible. On my mage alt that I’m leveling I’ll probably skip story in favour of the kill quests since they synergise more with rifts and instant adventures.

Watching the video I was somewhat distracted by the sheer deluge of trolling in the chat, mostly from one person admittedly. (s)He was constantly spamming about why the devs had copied a class from WoW. I was amazed that the devs didn’t kick him from the session to be honest. Others were calling for that almost from the start. In general there was quite a bit of negativity. It does raise my sympathies for developers and community managers that they have to deal with this side to MMO communities…

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