The building storm reaches Meridian

Over the last couple of days I’ve experienced phase two of the pre-expansion build up in Rift. So far I’ve been impressed with the atmosphere created and the ease of getting into the action.

For phase 2 the two faction capitals are being invaded by Crucia’s forces. Upon loading in you have a ‘join adventure’ button appear to take you Instant Adventure style into the raid group for taking on the invasion.

Invasion of Meridian!

This phase plays just like an Instant Adventure quest chain, so it’s a randomised mix of tasks set in and around the capital city killing invading forces, clicking various items and interacting with friendly NPCs.

Flood defences

The tasks are varied enough in basic style to easily take you through the 7 ‘adventures’ needed to complete the daily “complete 7 instant adventures”. This is a great way to get extra currency towards the lower tier epic armour (inscribed sourcestones) since this daily rewards 3 for only 10 minutes of effort.

Invasion forces stop work in the Manufactory

Some of the battles are actually pretty epic, the invasion of the manufactory was a great fun setting for a mass invasion spawn and subsequent pitched battle.

Some fancy new monster models

Trion are showing off glimpses of the sumptuous monster art for the new expansion as well, this Storm Legion Griffon is particularly impressive!

Day 2: fight for the steps

The second go at this ended with a truly epic battle on the steps of the city, I actually found myself healing like a maniac to keep up with the damage output of the boss and her summoned adds. Many of the fights are easy enough as NPCs are there to help, this keeps the phase accessible to anyone leveling a low level character. This fight was definitely a nice challenge for level 50s though.

Looking forward to phase 3!

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