Events, bugs and the Mad King (GW2)

Randomly last night we discovered a use for the dwarven key we’d found in our current zone – a moment of real excitement!

If only I had a key…

The foul creature we released kept summoning adds (no spoilers so I’ll keep it vague). We were at the point of retreat when two more players came bowling into the cave behind us dropping heals and area damage. Sadly after the fight and the joy of victory our first bug of the night caused some mild consternation – a chest spawned behind the veteran monster (beyond the door in the screenshot above), but the doorway to that room was barred by an invisible wall! There wasn’t much we could do other than bug report it and move on.

Dark ice = bad

Events were popping like crazy in this session, next up we fought to stop a ritual being cast in norn hall, captured and frozen by bad ice magic from Sons of Svanir shamans. The fight was also very challenging and again other players arrived just in the nick of time to prevent one of us succumbing.

Is it a bird, is it a harpy.. ?

After this fight my elementalist friend encountered another bug – after being hit by a freeze-in-place ‘crowd control’ ability from one of the shamans his character was stuck pointing at the sky! He could move and fight as normal but wasn’t changing posture – it looked very silly. Zoning fixed it so that was an easy one to resolve, it gave us a good laugh though.

Spooky goings on in Lions Arch

After completing most of our daily in the field, we headed over to Lion’s Arch to check out the Halloween event. I’d read initial impressions on ETCMMO but wanted to see for myself. I haven’t experienced enough to decide if it’s too store-oriented yet. We didn’t even get started on the ghost hunt quest since again a bug stopped us in our tracks – my elementalist friend didn’t get the initial dialogue (pictured above) or the resulting mail from the quest giver in LA – the game presented him with a later stage of dialogue. This left him with a ‘replacement’ scanner but no candy corn to fuel it.

That stuff must be hell on your teeth..

Swapping to our charr just to finish some gathering we were very happy to discover that you can mine candy corn out in the world – this at least means on our next session we can both get started on the ghost hunt together.

I wonder if the story/mail above issue is related to what I would consider to be a general bug in the personal story system. If you do personal story stages grouped, and the lead person receives a mail as part of the story instance’s completion then any others who chose to advance their personal story *without* repeating the same section do not generally receive said mail. It’s not a huge deal but annoying for any story completionists. You can choose not to advance the personal story of course and to repeat it. But that can get rather boring if you are forced to do the stage two or three times just so everyone gets the mail.

In the case of the Mad King event you’re missing out on items for the first stage of the quest. I completed before he’d reached the quest-giver so maybe it counted for him as well, but unlike in personal story instances he wasn’t given the choice of ‘proceed’ or ‘do not proceed’. Something to bug report when we’re next on – GW2 is a very group friendly game, ArenaNet needs to bare that in mind when designing new content.

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