GW2 update

Our asura are edging nearer to 50 now, sitting at level 47/48. I’ve finally unlocked my 30 point elite skill though haven’t had a chance to deploy the awesomeness that is a D-series golem yet in combat.

I feel very settled and happy with mesmer gameplay in Guild Wars 2, much more than I ever was in GW1 (that’s a post for another time). The weapon swapping works wonderfully for me, I have my greatsword main spec for general dps and my staff spec for survivability and burst area damage.

We’ve followed the path of the Durmand Priory and are heading into norn territory as we do our personal stories, which intertwine and diverge repeatedly depending on our decisions. Obviously when asked what ‘lower species’ to study, the presence of quaggan on the list made it a non-choice. I love these placid, cutesy killer-whale-esque sentients!

Group event action remains a happy distraction, we want to do our daily achievements but we don’t treat it like a daily in the WoW-daily quest sense. Rather it is a happy extra reward for just playing. If we see events near us we generally do them since they’re usually a fun challenge and can lead to some great follow-up events like this random boss right in a cave full of poison imps.

During this session I once again found a random drop item that can start an event-chain (see tooltip in screenshot below). As yet we haven’t found the lock for this key. We’ve had similar items before, I love the excitement of finding something like this, the urge to explore further and find the related area. The only downer is if the zone is too quiet when you find said location – once before we’ve triggered a world boss by using such an item but there were no other players to help fight it nearby…

My character has a favourite ‘skin’ for his sword, a really low level ‘tech-greatsword’ model as pictured in the first screenshot above. I’ve used the transmutation stone system to keep this design with a few weapon upgrades so far. Now I have a lovely hood which I will probably also want to keep as his ‘look’ for the foreseeable future, this may drive the need to buy some transmutation stones on the Black Lion marketplace.

I had my own bit of good fortune while playing on our charr. A random dye drop resulted in a celestial dye, I’d read the post from Ravious of Kill Ten Rats about his experience so was very excited to get one. On our server it wasn’t quite as highly prized but it did sell for almost three gold! That’s a huge amount of money for me at this time, I’m still recovering financially from buying the level 40 trait book. It’ll certainly help fuel the endless costs of training and supplying a cook alt!

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