Dynamic events can be fun!

Our session of Guild Wars 2 last night could have been one of disappointment, we were hoping to do a dungeon run but only four were on and we weren’t in the mood for pugging.

So we set of in a new area to carry on leveling and wandering. Heading north into Harathi Hinterlands we came across a rather challenging series of linked events (or one very big chain), wherein the Seraph guards vie with centaur clans for control of several nearby outposts. As we arrived the Seraph were battling to keep a fort, we promptly helped to repel the attack. Then suddenly we sallied forth to takeover a centaur base. That we won as well as part of a dozen total player characters amidst the computer controlled Seraph soldiers. Some time after a counterattack came in increasing waves and we were swept very bluntly aside by the centaur horde. So we rallied at the first of the two bases we encountered and then fought a pitched battle to keep that one, it was an intense hour or so of fighting, tactics and frantic communication.

This session has shown most clearly the potential for the event system that I’ve seen so far. The outcome of each fight will vary depending on the players present, their number, class composition and ability to coordinate. I’m not about to spend session after session grinding the same zone events (thought that’d be an easy way to get the daily 5!). No, but I’ll happily do it again since the story repetition makes sense (it’s broad and generic enough) and it’s a well crafted set of sub-events.

All in all it was a great session, despite us not having any clear goal or aim. We just wandered and found adventure. I’d highly recommend doing this more often in Guild Wars 2!

[updated: pictures uploaded]

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