Dimensions in Rift

A recent promo video for the new Dimensions feature coming to Rift with Storm Legion has me really rather excited. Housing has interested me in MMOs since I played EQ2 – I spent more time on my two little apartments in that game than I did on actual questing probably.

The video shows building up different structures, a house, a ship, bridges and quays. It shows free placement of furniture and other items within the structures. From the looks of the video it seems an unbelievably flexible system! A few observations:

  • Larger structures seem to be built up using simple building blocks (planks, bricks, beams etc)
  • The mix of outdoor and indoor spaces is an awesome feature

It leads me to a lot more questions though. I wonder what the balance between free ’tiles’ and crafted or bought materials will be? This is important for crafters potentially and the in-game economy. But given that the house and ship look to be built up of so many pieces (not just resizable ‘wall’ sections) it could be pretty expensive if you have to craft or buy most items. Tentonhammer have a few more details on the second page of their Storm Legion preview, but it’s scant detail really.

One of the strengths of the housing system in EQ2 was the low barrier to entry – you could own a simple dwelling from a low level and have it grow and develop as your character did. I hope that this dimensions system won’t just be a huge money sync or playground for super rich level-capped characters with more platinum than sense. Sure there should be costs and more expensive items, but the basics should be easily achieved by lower / newer characters.

I see it as a very bold and potentially business-clever move for Trion. It finally adds a deep and substantial non combat option to the game. I finally left Rift post launch because it was a bit too combat obsessed. This could be the system that will attract a new group of players into the game. I can also see it as a powerful motivator for veteran players to rerun older content if there’s a good chance of finding new trophies or housing items as a reward.

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  1. kaozz says:

    I was wondering a lot of the same things. Curious to How players will obtain the many items shown. Looks good though, I suppose it all comes down to how it will be implemented. I do hope it is accessible and not insanely costly.

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