Climbing, facing death and quaggan pirates

Mountain climbing in MMOs has always been a hobby of mine. From WoW, LoTRO, through Rift and now into GW2 – if I see a mountain I want to try and climb it. Of course GW2, like Rift with the highest point achievements, actually gives you bonus rewards for doing so occasionally.

Vista is perched on the far right of this glorious mountain

Near to the mountain we were wandering around when we found a rather lovely pirate base, and lo and behold one of the best fun events I’ve seen to date. Standard fair, a multi-stage fight, but the layout of the pirate base really added to the atmosphere and excitement.

Nicely balanced fight

It was pretty tough going but the 10-odd players there at the time won through with some concentrated AoE and good support play. The reward beyond the usual medal + XP + karma was to have a chat with a delightfully quirky quaggan…

A quaggan pirate!?

The last event we did for the evening was a ‘protect people’ mission – there were bridge builders under attack. So we raced to their defence with only a random charr engineer to aid the two of us. After a brief but intense fight we won through, but before the end of the fight my elementalist companion said “oh check out the bridge they’re repairing!”. So I turned away from the fight and ran over to the gorge behind us where the builders were hammering / digging away.

Broken bridge

I’m so glad I took the time during combat to look around again. It can really pay off in GW2 (as it did in our previous dungeon run)!

“Stronger than the original”

The event happened to finish as I was taking screenshots and I was rewarded with the impressive rematerialisation of the now repaired bridge. Even better the way we were going was actually across the bridge so our own efforts in the fight helped to save us a very long detour around the chasm.

This change is certainly not permanent, the event chain will reset, but it is a simple yet great example of gameplay that makes me *personally* feel very immersed in the world of Tyria.

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