Crafting decisions

A busy schedule has kept me out most evenings of late so I’ve missed a number of GW2 play opportunities, I’ll be back to that tonight though! I did squeeze in a quick Rift session last night, however.

With all my harvest festival aims achieved, I turned to the next on my list – crafting some epic armour for my main. This involves collecting master craftsman marks. There’s a weekly quest that awards one, I can also trade 500 regular craftsman marks for one master version. This is the snag, do I bother grinding crafting dailies like mad to get enough marks for the 4 pieces I could make (20 marks total)?

The dilemma is of course that questing greens or random blue drops will quickly replace these epics once the expansion launches. Admittedly the would cushion the otherwise steep difficulty step-up. I can just about solo Ember Isle content in my current gear but it is a real slog. I’d read on forums that occasionally crafting rifts drop them, and the weekly quest is to create the special one-use lure for my profession’s version of such a rift. So regardless of the eventual plan I jumped over to Shimmersand to use it.

The rather nice surprise met me as I climbed up to Widow’s Peak, that’s where the nearest tear was located when I zoned in. I’ve only done 5% of Shimmersand if that so there’s a ton of content here I’ve not seen. As I killed the first harpy an item quest dropped. This led to a slay X harpies quest which I completed as a side-benefit of closing the crafting rift – the harpies were drawn in to attack the various earth elementals that the rift summoned and I in turn slayed anything that moved. The hand in gave me the nice background story to the quest item – an interesting example of “do first, story after” which is in a sense what you often get in GW2 with hearts!

I was also rewarded with a rather nice ‘vista’ after handing in the quest 🙂

All in all a very rewarding session even though I was only playing maybe 40 minutes. Over the weekend I will have to do some proper research on at least the look of the epic armour – if it will be a good candidate for wardrobe equipment then that would at least last past the first zone of the expansion…

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    What’s really awesome is if you can get into a crafting rift raid. My old guild would do them every Saturday morning. Every crafter would come along and bring a lure or 10 and we’d just run back and forth from tear to tear for hours. All you have to do is tag a mob to get credit toward loot, so even lowbies can get in on the action — just have a long range spammable instant skill and you’re golden, plus we’d dedicate a tank to pull the groups to one side for the lowbies to shoot at so that the higher level folks wouldn’t be stealing all the credit. You could get 5+ marks in an hour sometimes, as well as tons of the rarer materials. It was pretty awesome.

    • Telwyn says:

      I’d like a go at this but Argent seems pretty quiet at present, not much open groups for such things. Of course I haven’t asked in level 50 for a group. I will try it next time I have a lure made.

      • pkudude99 says:

        Yeah, I played on Faeblight which was always pretty populated and I was in the largest guild in the game — so big it has its own internal market so that you don’t need to use the AH and you can put up buy orders, etc. It’s a Guardian guild, but had a sister guild on the Defiant side too, and the rift raids were open to all. They were well known, so more than just our guild would show up, and the game would have to limit how many characters it’d show on the screen. It was pretty nuts.

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