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The jumping puzzle of DOOM

Whilst looking for a way to reach one jumping puzzle near the border of the asura and silvari starter zones, we found a different one. This turned into a bit of an epic session of jumping, falling, dying in lava … Continue reading

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Quality of life features in GW2

I’m currently really appreciating MMO developers who actually spend some time on “quality of life” features. This isn’t necessarily about making games easy or casual-oriented. It’s about more time playing and less time on menial or banal tasks imposed by … Continue reading

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Realism of expectations

I started drafting a prognostications post about the different games I follow, but I realised that basically I was repeating that most of these games will maintain their current playerbase level or trends going forwards. I do not expect Riders … Continue reading

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WoW: lessons of the past

Tobold has a post on Blizzard repeating mistakes from the past. Commentators on this post disagree that the questing is too linear in Pandaria past the first zone, but as Tobold states originally that’s a big issue – it’s another … Continue reading

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Fun with combos in GW2

Since I’m generally playing GW2 with my partner, friends or family I spend 95% of my playtime grouped up as a duo, trio or more. Having people to play with whom I know and am used to playing with from … Continue reading

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Bug squashing in Tyria

I’ve spent a session in Garradan Fields squashing spiders, grubs and wasps. Very cathartic for someone who hates bugs in real life, I spent far too much time on my sylvari attempting to wipeout the mosquito population of the sylvari … Continue reading

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The level gap

Keen had a post in August on ‘MMO reboots‘ that I missed while I was away. I’ve been debating whether to have LoTRO or Rift as my backup/solo game for a week now and the level gap is a big … Continue reading

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