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A distant storm

Where I am sat in Caracas, Venezuela the frenzy of blogging and news updates about Guild Wars 2 seems a distant storm. I’ve had little free time to read blogs or news but have read what I can. Also my boxed … Continue reading

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Pss1 = no deal

Well there we have it from the “horse’s mouth” as it were. I’ve just read a quote of a twitter exchange between a player and Mr Smedley, head honcho at SoE. John Smedley ‏@j_smedley if the community can work with us … Continue reading

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I’m travelling for research for two weeks, so there’ll be an interruption to posting till I get back and start my Guild Wars 2 adventures.

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The Mists of Pandaria cinematic

Shintar has a great post on the recently revealed Mists of Pandaria cinematic, and how it falls far short of the original WoW trailer. I agree very much with this sentiment. The Mists trailer seems to me to be about … Continue reading

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Last SWTOR session – Grand Acquisitions Race

Surprisingly (to me anyway) I did get to glimpse a bit of the new Grand Acquisitions Race event in SWTOR in my last session. I got the impression from the teaser video that it was ‘coming soon’, but in fact … Continue reading

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Another annual pass offer, RUN AWAY!

Trion are trying for most eager / productive / most worthy of support design studio ever. They have now announced a rather tempting 12 month deal which includes the expansion free. As this news item points out it’s not quite … Continue reading

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Too little, too late

Quelle surprise! Blizzard have announced that the pre-patch for Mists of Pandaria, which will include all the talent nerfs.. ahem changes and presumably some story quests like with previous pre-expansion mega-patches. The date for this to launch is, of course, … Continue reading

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