Larger than life characters

I wonder if some players of MMOs have a ‘type’ that they prefer to play, of is this unusual? I do know several WoW players who always preferred to play gnomes over any other race due to the cuteness factor. Personally I found smaller races to be annoying to play from a practical perspective as I found the viewing angles were often not well done. Here are some of the ‘larger than life’ races that I’ve found fun to play.

Tauren (World of Warcraft)
Whether it’s their home city of Thunder’s Bluff (so impressive back in 2007!), their culture or the models themselves; I do really love the tauren in WoW. It’s a shame as our Horde-side guild was generally an after thought so I didn’t actually get to do much with my two tauren other than level them.

My Tauren warrior

Balance Druid (World of Warcraft)
My main character in WoW for most of the time I played was a night elf druid, balance spec. This means he spent a lot of time in his Moonkin form, which happens to be very large compared to the standard races. It’s always been fun from an RP perspective to be that big and imposing, yet also to have a very gentle personality for that character.

My moonkin druid, with a handy dwarf and human for scale…

Bahmi (Rift)
Rift has the Bahmi, which are slightly larger than normal so of course my warrior had to be of that race. The Bahmi are partially portrayed as spiritual and inwards-looking people, sort of gentle giants unless provoked.

They’re not exactly a giant race but compared to the wisp-thin elves and rather gaunt looking humans the Bahmi nonetheless are a much more ‘solid-looking’ race.

Ursan (Eden Eternal)
A recent brief foray into Eden Eternal allowed me to play one of the bear-like ursan race, just my kind of race in such a cutesy environment!

For Guild Wars 2 I will have to create a charr character as one of my first, though I’ll also have the half-giant Norn as an option!

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2 Responses to Larger than life characters

  1. kaozz says:

    I love elves, especially dark elves. I also like healers or classes with some type of healing, and pet classes, lol. I have never played a gnome or dwarf, just can’t get into those races for some reason.

    • Telwyn says:

      I do love healing, and have a real fondness for elves though I’ve branched out where other non-standard options exist. In LoTRO I do have like 3 or 4 elves though, I love Celondim as a starter area.

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