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Public events in Eden Eternal

Several MMOs have public events or quests that offer casual group content to players who happen to be in the area. Rift’s invasions are a high profile version of this, tightly integrated as a core game mechanic. But other games … Continue reading

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Alternate realities

I am rather fond of alternate history type fiction, I remember loving the Red Alert series of RTS games as they messed with history. Behind this genre is the ‘what if’ question, what if Hitler was assassinated before he rose … Continue reading

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End of an era

So Mists of Pandaria will be out on 25th Sept. I didn’t immediately post this as I’m not at all excited about it. Sad to say really as WoW kept me captivated throughout Burning Crusade (I joined in 2007) and … Continue reading

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SOGA models and TERA

I’m extremely late to this ‘party’, seems most people gave up on commenting on TERA a long while ago. Still I’m trialing the game as part of a future article, there’s only one big issue so far – the appallingly … Continue reading

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A wandering minstrel

The Farmer’s Faire launched today in LoTRO, details on Massively. I logged onto my minstrel, who as my cook is currently spending most of his time in Michel Delving. A short ride away to Bywater and I was surrounded by … Continue reading

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Playing on servers in another region

Is it common to play games on a service / server outside of your region? I should qualify this question with “where there is the same or similar gaming service available with a different company in your region”, but that would … Continue reading

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GW2 character planning

I like to plan characters as part of the build up to a game, or even while still playing games. Yes, I have a spreadsheet to track my crafting for all my LoTRO alts. Now that the betas are done … Continue reading

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