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End goal in sight (SWTOR), and smuggler update

My consular is 43, almost 44 so I can feel the end-game getting near. My guild are busy running ops and hard-modes so before long I’ll at least be eligible (finally) to take part. Belsavis has been a blast to … Continue reading


GW2 28-08-2012 – my bad luck with launch dates

So Guild Wars 2 is launching the 28/08/2012! However the relief of finally knowing this date, and of knowing the game will soon be playable is somewhat broken by the date they’ve chosen, why couldn’t it have beenĀ even a few … Continue reading

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SWTOR update and what to play as alt?

I’ve been concentrating on leveling again in SWTOR and am now playing through Belsavis on my consular. As usual I zoomed off on the class story, only realising as I finished the mission in the second area that the planet … Continue reading

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Laurelin’s RP community (LoTRO)

Two weeks ago I happened to be pottering around on my minstrel alt in LoTRO leveling out his cooking and doing farming. In LoTRO there are basic crafting stations in many settlements, but there are only superior crafting stations of … Continue reading

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Can one MMO suit all playstyles these days?

This is a tough question, but it’s one I’m faced with at the moment. I commented on a Bio Break post on juggling multiple MMOs. I answered that I have three categories of games at present: 1) ‘Guild game’ – … Continue reading

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Cat people

There seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment, that cat people are cool. Final Fantasy XI and XIV both have had cat people races for a long time (Mithra and Miqo’te). STO announced the addition of … Continue reading


A world less static

Rift was in some ways a let-down. In the late beta stages the dynamic rift / invasion system was ‘nerfed’ because the spawned minions of the planes were locking down quest hubs and building their own little bases. This disrupted … Continue reading

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