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Kaozz has a great post at ECTmmo on games that have non-combat activities to give respite from the endless slaying. This is particularly well-timed given that so many gamers are currently spending hours in non-stop slaying binges in Diable 3. I agree with the premise that MMOs, especially the latest batch, are far too focused on combat, Rift and SWTOR are two examples of this. It’s not as though there aren’t entire genres of games devoted to combat, offline and online. Open world MMORPGs therefore should offer something else to do besides.

My current two favourite games, in this regard, are Vanguard and EQ2, both traditional fantasy themepark MMOs you might say. But they have very rich settings with specific non-combat classes to level.

If LoTRO had better housing I would add LoTRO nearer the top of the list as well as the Shire is such a great non-combat area and the farming is an unique and very enjoyable crafting profession!

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  1. kaozz says:

    Ya know, I was thinking about LoTRO also, last week when this post formed in my head, going to have to add that one in, maybe make a part two to the post! Thanks for the linkage, had hoped others might share the same opinion on the topic!

    • Telwyn says:

      No problem, I tried to comment on your blog first but blogger swallowed it whole – that system really doesn’t play well with wordpress logins (I’ve had the same issue on other blogs not just on yours) :-/

  2. kaozz says:

    Hrmm will check the spam, sometimes that happens. Sorry!

    • Telwyn says:

      It seemed to me to be more a Blogger / WordPress integrated login failure but sure if it’s in the spam folder then great. 🙂

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