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SWTOR is fun, you just need to mix it up

Without realising it I’d sunk into a real low in SWTOR over the last two or three weeks. My duo team ended as I outleveled my friend, partially as I wanted to keep going to get to cap and join … Continue reading

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MMO population sweet-spot?

I find myself wondering this morning what the population sweet-spot is for an MMO? Now this question has various facets to it, are we talking the amount of chat in general channel, the amount of player characters in a given … Continue reading

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The fates conspire

Seriously, why do multiple games have to patch when I have the day off? I tried to log into SWTOR and it’s down all morning. Then I logged into LoTRO played a very enjoyable 30 mins and BAM! World broadcast … Continue reading

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My love for MMO cooking and fishing

Ever since I started World of Warcraft I’ve found the cooking and fishing professions to be a great ‘side’ activity to the main adventuring and slaying-of-monsters focus to the game. Fishing was a hobby in game that gave two benefits, … Continue reading

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LoTRO classic fun

I joined up with my relative and two of his friends to continue from the last session last Monday – looks like this could be the beginnings of a static group.¬†We did a run around the North Barrow Downs doing … Continue reading

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Vanguard: Paladin fun, mounts and the economy

Since it’s a bonus XP weekend for SoE games at the moment, I thought I’d spend some free time playing my paladin character in Vanguard. This turns out to be a very survivable class, which measures up to the standard … Continue reading

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Encouraging grouping when questing

I was just reading the EQ2 forums and came across this discussion. It appears, at least from the perspective of veteran players, that the current mechanics of EQ2 actively discourages grouping when you quest. I find this design decision in … Continue reading

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