Vanguard update

I’ve been playing some more of my Varanjar shaman character in the Halgarad area. Of the four or so areas I’ve played in so far I think this is my favourite, I love the mountainous character and actually I find the storylines of this barbarian people.

I suspect I will enjoy playing shaman more than blood mage in the short term. I think it’s a much better ‘starter’ class as the combat style seems more forgiving. Timing with blood mage spells that cause healing as a side-effect can be so critical to survival and with the lag I seem to be experiencing a lot at the moment I can die easily from a miss-timed spell. Shaman is a more ‘solid’ combatant who isn’t afraid of melee, plus I find the animations of my two-handed mace very satisfying.

I do have a few quests that suggest grouping which is going to be an issue before the F2P relaunch I suspect as I never see anyone else in this particular starter area. Given how easily I can die from accidentally pulling more than a few foes I will take this advice seriously. I haven’t yet broadcast for help in the general channel, that’ll be the next step when I have enough time for a decent length session. I also have a friend interested in trying the game so I’ll start a new character with him next week hopefully, doing the Isle of Dawn again though as it’ll be better to show an area where there is more activity and grouping opportunities.

Part of the gnoll quest chain I’ve been working through included a little cave exploration, it was a really well designed area actually. I was able to sneak past some opponents to avoid the danger of being defeated to reach the deeper creatures I needed to defeat.

<edit> As a p.s. to this note I’ll add that I still very much have the ‘new game’ excitement with Vanguard. Even finding a nice two-handed mace on my blood mage was exciting because it happened to be a nice upgrade for my shaman. When you start a game, especially one as rich as Vanguard, there’s the “tip of the iceberg” feeling that can’t be beat!

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  2. Ardwulf says:

    Glad to hear you’re having fun in Vanguard. The Varanjar are my race of choice as well – their starter area is rich and interesting, and I love Viking-types in games. I will periodically come back to Halgarad just to stand atop the hills and listen to the music of the area

  3. I second that! Glad you are having fun. My main character is a Varanjar Shaman. Halgarad is my favorite place in game; it truly feels like home.

  4. kaozz says:

    Looks like a lot of fun, makes me want to level up my little shaman alt up some! Let me know if you need any help in the game with anything, always up for something to do in Vanguard ๐Ÿ™‚ Char is Angel, add me to friends if you like.

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