Eve and Internet freedom

After a weekend mostly unplugged I find the Eve controversy rolling on across the blogosphere. I had drafted a rant about this issue on Friday evening but thought better of posting it. Now with a cooler head I will say that this alone is enough to convince me to never try Eve, nor to have any involvement with CCP as a developer. They are ultimately responsible for this sandbox playpen, it has devolved to this point over years under their watchful gaze.

Spinks has a very good post summarising some of the important points about just how far the Internet tough-guy machismo has been taken in the Eve community.

Kill Ten Rats has a post discussing the ramifications of such high profile fallout, will this have an effect on attempts to reduce or remove anonymity on the Internet in the US?

Finally Tobold picks up on upcoming rules changes to Eve that will make ‘safe space’ actually safe rather than just mostly safe for those wanting to avoid PVP. This I guess will make safe space (called Empire space in the game I believe), a haven for anyone wanting Eve to play like the old 8-bit game Elite. This could have interested me as something to try, but given the toxicity of the community and CCPs very weak punishment of the principal offenders I will avoid giving them any of my sub money.

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  1. Shintar says:

    Tobold’s post was an April Fools joke. CCP isn’t doing anything like that.

  2. Telwyn says:

    Ah, I’ve always blithely ignored April’s Fools so am easily fooled myself 😉

  3. Syl says:

    I am still thinking that KTR is also an April’s Fools to be honest – otherwise the suggestion makes me cringe. I’m just glad I live in a place where such extreme regulations of people hardly ever make it through to legislation. laws based on exceptions make for poor laws and hurt the wrong people.

    • pkudude99 says:

      From the end of the KTR post: “Update: This was a bracing April Fool’s post. ”

      EVE isn’t nearly as “bad” as the stories make it sound. For every high-profile scam or “suicide-gate” there are thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of regular gameplay interactions. I played it for a little over 3 years myself, both as a high-sec mission-running carebear and as a null-sec large fleet ops member. I ended up stopping beuz they game itself was simply boring to me. To this day I love the idea behind the world and all the various stories about the wars and such, but when I was a participant.. . .didn’t “do it” for me, so eventually I cut the cord.

      In all that time I was never once suicide ganked, or even ganked, really. I did lose a cheaply fit frigate in a 2/10 complex once due to being dumb. I knew the guy was on the way, but wanted to kill that one. . . last. . . thing . . . before warping to a safe spot. He got there 1st. I got caught in a gate camp once while flying solo in null too. And that was it…… The rest of the time I simply played the game. Enjoyed the associations and stuff, just the game itself couldn’t keep me.

      FWIW, when I was in null all those big fleet ops, I was flying with the Goons. The players were knowledgeable and friendly, very tolerant of my noobishness when I 1st started flying with them, and trained me up just like anyone else. The whole “Goons are out to destroy the game” is simply trash-talk in order to gin up “enemies” to make it so that the big fleets can actually exist and have more of a reason than simply “lets fly our fleet out over there and blow things up.”

      When I 1st started playing I too heard all the crap about the Goons and thought I’d love to fly against them, so when I later found myself a Goon pet, I wasn’t too happy at 1st, btu then I actually flew with the, and. . it was the same as if I’d flown with any other large alliance, I think. Friendly helpful people supporting each other against the “other faction.” No different than in SWTOR, where if I play Republic then I’ll be fighting “the bad guys” who happened to choose Empire. The only difference is that these are player-made factions instead of developer-made.

      • Telwyn says:

        Actually I had also read this post by one of the Massively regulars: http://skycandy.org/2012/04/bully-for-you/

        I presume that’s not an April Fool’s joke, it’s part of what got me riled up this morning. Anyway my general thoughts about CCP and the bad eggs in that community stand regardless of which posts were jokes and which weren’t. It doesn’t take many individuals to ruin an MMO community, the difference with Eve is that such behaviour is tolerated if not encouraged by the Devs.

        I can’t change anything about Eve personally, and do not care enough to try. But I do know I wouldn’t want to expose myself to such a community just to play a game.

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