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I’ll be away with no internet for a week from tomorrow so my blog will be quiet for that time, I hope everyone enjoys the various ongoing betas or live games they’re playing! /afk Telwyn Advertisements

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Pet pride

I’ve had a happy couple of days companion/mini-pet wise. First I got this little beauty in SWTOR, he’s so well animated, certainly a lot nicer pet for a healer Jedi than a mini rakghoul! Then I found out I could … Continue reading

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GW2 expectations

So I’ve been reading lots of excited posts a out the GW2 beta of late. I of course happen to have a week long holiday booked from this Sunday, so even if I were to break my own decision to … Continue reading

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A night of adventures in Telon

I had an evening of slightly random adventuring last night in Vanguard. Vanguard is a game that rewards situational awareness, it pays to look around you every so often. I’ve found a few areas like this when questing on different … Continue reading

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RP on the run

I read this very interesting article on Massively about the sad passing of Brian Rucker, an RP stalwart from several gaming communities (notably SWG and more recently SWTOR). The article is full of common-sense advice about roleplaying in an MMO. … Continue reading

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WoW progression server or something else?

Tobold has a post on selecting different eras of WoW, and a comparison between that and D&D edition choices. Progression servers, as SoE and other game operators call them, offer a time-locked past version of the game; usually with some … Continue reading

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Diablo 3 and WoW

Quick update on two Blizzard games today! Diablo 3 Today I downloaded the installer for Diablo 3 and brought it home from work to copy onto my gaming machine. You can’t install it yet, but hopefully other than some minor … Continue reading

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