Creative crafting

As EQ2 has shown me I actually really like crafting in MMOs, and do prefer it to be a bit more involved than click and AFK for 30 repetitions of a recipe to level to the next tier.

This Kill Ten Rats post about the GW2 beta centered on crafting has me even more interested in the game if that is possible. The concept of experimental crafting intrigues me as it could be a whole new game-within-the-game for those who resist the temptation to reduce the system to wiki lookup every few minutes.  The take on cooking in particular is interesting as that I usually enjoy greatly in MMOs both for the buffs it provides and the simple variety of recipes to make. If I can spend downtime playing with different ingredients to find new recipes all the better!

The one quandary is that there is no alchemy crafting profession (or discipline in GW2 speak). I almost always play alchemists as my craft of choice; my main in WoW, my main in SWTOR, my static-group alt in Rift, my static-alt in LoTRO (Scholar which includes alchemy), my characters in Dragon Age and Skyrim etc. So I’ll have a dilemma on what crafting to do other than cook which I think I’ll just have to take for the fun factor.

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