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As expected I have a ton of blog posts to catchup on not to mention the gaming news sites I normally read.

A couple of topics have chimed with me so far:

The reaction to the latest update on Massively about the future Pathfinder MMO is interesting, the article was about housing which is a big PVE element in certain games (SWG as was, EQ2, LoTRO etc). It’s a potential alternative ‘end-game’ to the stable raiding gear grind. Several comments are rather off topic basically inspiring this post and reopening the debate on why this game has such a potential PVP focus when D&D / Pathfinder has nothing to do with that. Sure the dev’s can argue that the ruleset isn’t great for MMOs (Turbine might disagree with that!), but why give up on the spirit of the game as well? I must say I find EQ2 housing fascinating and I’ve barely scratched the surface of the system. I’ve said before and will say again that I am very wary of the dev’s concept for the Pathfinder MMO. I suppose this is the point of sandbox, the freedom of action even if that action is the freedom to grief other players. However I do think there is room for a PVE sandbox in the market since the dislike of PVP combat is a big turn off for me when it comes to sandboxes. I am not of course saying the Pathfinder MMO should have no PVP, but limiting to specific servers or areas should be important if Goblinworks wants to be inclusive not exclusive in the game’s marketing.

Another astonishing, and frankly very depressing, story is that of a social media campaign against a Bioware developer. I don’t want to give any extra exposure to the hateful comments posted/tweeted against this developer, but basically it affirms in an extreme fashion how badly people will abuse the freedom of the Internet and how much negativity there is floating around in the ether. Said developer dared to state at some point in the past that a spacebar skip option should exist for combat, so that story-focused players could ignore the tactical game and concentrate on experiencing the story. This inspired rabid hatred from certain players.  Spinksville has a particularly good post on this sad episode – we cannot censor the Internet, nor likely stop people from spewing bile at random strangers. However we can chose our gaming communities and the sites we read. Something I shall give some thought to in future I feel.

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