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Gaming without an endgame

Tobold has an interesting post about D&D campaigns and the lack of ‘end-game’. Certainly no Dungeonmaster could expect their group, having reached the dizzy heights of the level cap, to repeatedly do the same adventures over and over for the … Continue reading

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Creative crafting

As EQ2 has shown me I actually really like crafting in MMOs, and do prefer it to be a bit more involved than click and AFK for 30 repetitions of a recipe to level to the next tier. This Kill … Continue reading

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Not so heroic heroes

We have been for some time pretty stuck in the Prophecies campaign in GW1. We’d tried the Elona Reach mission a few times and been pwned by multiple groups jumping on our rather frantic heroes (MOXx2, Vekk and Ogden) who … Continue reading

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Blog post mashup

Occasionally I see two or more blog posts that I like, posts that raise ideas individually that chime very well together. Bio Break has a thoughtful piece on introverted gamers. I identify a lot with the themes of this post. … Continue reading

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Could EQ2/Alaplaya be another monocle-gate?

I had thought that the idea of regional subcontracting of MMO operations was going out of fashion. Warhammer Online’s lacklustre EU service was taken back by the US dev company Runic in 2010 (?). Turbine completed the reabsorption of the … Continue reading

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Magic aint what it used to be…

Magic has always been an important factor for whether I enjoy games, by choice I usually play a caster of some description. Discussions of the early days of computer gaming (1980s, 8-bit computers like the Sinclair ZX Spectrum) made me … Continue reading

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Three month review: SWTOR

In response to┬áKristalys call for re-reviews I thought I’d post my thoughts on the game. As important background my time in SWTOR to date has been limited due to my part time Masters degree studies. This has tempered my ability … Continue reading

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