Summer plans MMO-wise (updated)

Although it is still cold and dreary outside there are new updates coming about games that were quiet over the Christmas period so my thoughts have turned to this summer and what I’m likely to do with the extra free time I will have once University classes finish.

I suspect I will suddenly start making rapid progress on the solo plotline for my Jedi Consular in SWTOR. This is a good thing as recently I’ve lost momentum somewhat – nothing at all to do with the game, but simply the lack of time to *play* any game for more than 15 mins here or there.

I just noticed that Biobreak has a post about endgame in SWTOR, I’m in a similar position – I have no interest in gear grinding or PVP at endgame. I’ll do some flashpoints and dailies just to see them but I did the heroic grind over several expansions in WoW, never again <shudders>. So alt rolling will be the next priority. I could level my Trooper of course who is level 10 at the moment, but actually I think I’ll give an Imperial Agent or a Smuggler a try to give a stealth class a go. I’ve ended up with two healers so far by accident, my main the Consular and a Trooper in the healer/dps advanced class. He’s actually not healer spec with his talents spent but could reset those. However I actually don’t want two healers so I’ll either keep him as a DPS character or maybe even reroll a tank as my third character to level.

I’ll also be watching the gaming news for progress on Guild Wars 2, and I will be interested in seeing what happens with Tera. I’m not adverse to action-style combat (DDO, Vindictus) so in theory Tera could be an attractive MMO candidate for my stable of games. But importantly unlike almost every MMO I track Tera promises to provide an alternative beyond PVE raids and PVP – the politics endgame. I’m not willing to jump into another game on day one at the moment, especially as there are uncertainties over a law-suit with NC-Soft, but I’ll track Tera to see if the politics mini-game actually works over the mid-term.

*Update* Very interestingly I’ve just watched the Euro trailer for the Politics system, they’re promising integration into a lot of social media sites so I’ll certainly be able to see the political system in action even if I don’t get the game at first!


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