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I shall be ‘afk’ for a week, without Internet access, so there’ll be no gaming and no blogging either probably.¬†Although I shall no doubt miss some big news stories or events in game it’s nice to unplug occasionally and concentrate … Continue reading

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New roads and old haunts

So I carried on with some missions on Tatooine in tonights session. I noticed, perhaps for the first time, that roads aren’t so much roads as vague discolourations in the sand. This makes sense of course, but it also means … Continue reading

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Adding reactive defence to MMO dungeons

Tobold has the latest of his D&D articles up, considering location vs event design for encounters in dungeons. It’s very true that many published adventures (especially traditional dungeon-delves) for common RPG systems tend to read like they were based on … Continue reading

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Magic the Gathering MMOG

I happened to play Magic the Gathering: Duel of the Planeswalkers on PS/3 with some friends yesterday. First off it is an excellent simulation of the card game, at a low entry-price point. It also has plenty of multiplayer options … Continue reading

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Summer plans MMO-wise (updated)

Although it is still cold and dreary outside there are new updates coming about games that were quiet over the Christmas period so my thoughts have turned to this summer and what I’m likely to do with the extra free … Continue reading

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Crafting break

Rather than quest tonight I fancied a change of pace, crafting was my first thought and honestly EQ2 can’t be beaten where deep and rich crafting is concerned.¬†I did think of logging into SWTOR but then that would just mean … Continue reading

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Tatooine, part 2

Tatooine is really delivering on all fronts so far. The sense of space, the iconic creatures and the difficulty of the heroics seems pitched that bit higher which is a nice step-up in challenge. Dewbacks I also had my first … Continue reading

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