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So last night I had a healer companion during a quest line for my healer spec Jedi Sage. Somewhat of a downgrade in combat performance compared to my usual tank companion Qyzen. In the end it worked out ok, even … Continue reading


Progress in Guild Wars

In Kill Ten Rats “forward progress“, Zubon describes the constant sense of progress and very lenient death penalties in Guild Wars (1). It’s an accurate description of the game’s mission system of instanced story-mode content. The stacking debuff from death is lost … Continue reading

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Droids galore!

One aspect I love about the Star Wars universe is the role of droids in the lore. Whether they are servants, companions, guardians, torturers or assassins they have personality and great variety of form. In game so far I’ve seen … Continue reading


Highs and lows in LoTRO

My main character in LoTRO has been parked in the doorway of Moria for a good four months, as long as I’ve taken a break from the game. I’d worn my enthusiasm out somewhat ‘grinding’ the solo chapters of book … Continue reading

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“Content locusts”

Just read an interesting article on MMORPG: Content locusts killed my MMO I find myself agreeing with much of what is said, SWTOR has pretty fast leveling, perhaps not as bad as Rift but it is nearly so. My main … Continue reading

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The curse of ‘be prepared’ gaming culture

Doone and Atchu have a great four part series on the Carrots and Sticks of gaming. For me the most striking section is this from part 4: At the release of WoW 4.3,  I was online with guildies when the … Continue reading

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Geek-out moment (updated with pictures)

If that is the correct term for having a moment of sheer delight over a geeky topic.. Last night I redressed my previous problems trying to run Hammer station for the first time. In the end it was easy to … Continue reading

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