Variation in seasonal festivals

Since I’m stuck with no SWTOR for a few weeks, I decided to jump into EQ2 again to check on my characters post rerelaunch (all servers are F2P now).

Frostfell is on again, the festive Christmassy event so I thought I’d check out a few quests in the cities on my two main characters. Normally I just do these on my Inquisitor, but thankfully I had time to do one particular quest on both him and my Warden. The reward in each case was a tree decoration for player housing.

New Halas variant reward – very christmassy:

Neriak, city of evil elves, variant:

As you can see the Neriak tree is somewhat minimalist, indeed the dialogue with the Goblin quest giver featured some nice argument options over the lack of foliage. The example tree next to him had eyeballs skewered on all the branches, but sadly my reward was missing those, perhaps I can get something else to spruce it up.

In any case the fact that the festival has even some variation between cities is very impressive.  This isn’t a one off difference either – the nature of the decorations is more muted in Neriak and the Goblins aren’t so cheerful!

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