Lack of trinity and Guild Wars 1

I was rereading earlier a comment by Nils on We Fly Spitfire‘s post about the trinity.

The holy trinity seems actually pretty good to me and very versatile. It shouldn’t be replaced by mobs runing around likke crazy certainly. But there’s lots of polishing that could be done.

This is in the context of Nils’ assertion that the difficulty of making a game without the trinity is the lack of Tanks (rather than lack of healers) – without the tanking role mobs will run around ‘like crazy’.

Of course on reading this I immediately thought about the last time I played Guild Wars (1). The game has a very loose implementation of the Trinity. Mob aggro rules seem very random based mainly on the ‘hit anything that casts a heal’ mechanism.

But most large scale fights in Guild Wars involve mobs running back and forth while your heroes chase them and you stand and try and target the right thing constantly. It’s this that actually tires me the most playing the game. I want to love it for the story but without a proper trinity gameplay tends to be pure chaos.

I’m sure of course this is made worse by me playing with only one other human controlled character and 4 or 6 heroes between us. So with that much computer AI doing pathing on both sides calculations the limitations in the game’s coding are unmasked.

Let’s hope this isn’t an issue in GW2!

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3 Responses to Lack of trinity and Guild Wars 1

  1. Ahtchu says:

    In that same post, I made an assertion that the trinity is the lowest common denominator for combat. That’s neither here nor there with your angle, but might be helpful to know from where my stance stems.

    You bring up an interesting concept:
    I want to love it for the story but without a proper trinity gameplay tends to be pure chaos.
    I think (purely theory here) that the human mind seeks to establish patterns in conceived chaos. For PvE, threat mechanisms are an easy way to deal with that. In PvP, a target that refuses to die… it is logical to look for the hiding healer. Regardless of the system, the human mind needs to ‘see’ a pattern, else cognitive dissonance ensues. Now, whether the pattern observed agrees with set expectations or not…
    Good post!

    • Telwyn says:

      Very interesting angle that I hadn’t considered. Probably explains why I found transitioning from the ordered ‘trinity’ world of WoW to GW so jarring…

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