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Put on the shelf

Having played a quick game of Rift on my cleric main, I logged over to my warrior, Damodal, to check his mail and was struck by the fact that I miss playing him. The funny thing is I don’t miss … Continue reading

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A beta continued, and au revoir Damodal

Surprisingly the beta continued into this evening so I had an extra few hours on my Sith Marauder called Damodal. Of course even if he isn’t wiped after the beta I want to play on an EU-RP server not on … Continue reading


Uninformed choices…

One thing that did bother me from the SWTOR beta was the way advanced classes seem to be handled. At level 10, once I’d transited to the Imperial Fleet, I had access to a quest to select an advanced class … Continue reading


Pacing is the key

Playing some SWTOR yesterday has reflected the monumental misstep (IMHO), the first in a series, that Blizzard have taken with WoW’s leveling game. The gear resets are one thing, but the trivialization of leveling is an even greater sin (again … Continue reading

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Beta time

Well I was invited in finally (as was everyone else) for the SWTOR beta this weekend. I only got back late on Friday so I’d asked my partner to download the client for me. Typically there was a silly security … Continue reading

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Two lovely little details

Last night while finishing some quest chains off in Stillmoor I came across two little gems. No pictures in this post to spoil anything, nor anything too details. One had me looking very carefully for hidden clues, if I ran … Continue reading

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Back to an wealth of choices!

After a week break I’m back to gaming and back to Rift, after downloading the super 1.6 patch, I logged in expecting to explore the new Ember Isle content. I was not expecting to find Meridian decked out in gawdy … Continue reading

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