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Rushing *is* a bad thing… sometimes

The rift mechanism in Rift has an element of ‘beat the clock’, certain phases will be timed and if you defeat that phase it’ll unlock a bonus extra phase. Normally in a group or PUG you want to beat the … Continue reading

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Change of heart on MoP deal

Although my first reaction to Mysts of Pandaria was ‘I shall cancel to punish them for daring this!’, I’ve waited and am coming slowly around to the opposite opinion that I may well take the 12 month deal. I already … Continue reading

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Dropping in on the evil boss unannounced

Something I’ve always enjoyed doing in games is trying to be tactical / sneaky with terrain. I don’t mean rogue-stealth, no that would be too easy. I mean the ‘walking past monsters in broad-daylight’ kind of sneaking. As I was … Continue reading

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Random forum genius

Post on SWTOR forums by Amelyssan: “you know….the launch of SWTOR is actually how the Matrix begins. Humans, harvested for their life energy to fuel a greater monstrum.” I lol’ed!

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Should games force us to do our homework up-front?

I played some more DDO with two friends last night, good fun although everytime I play it raises the ghosts of my DDO subscriber past. We desperately need bag space which means grinding Coin Lords faction reputation. Sadly we’ve done … Continue reading

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Talent systems don’t have to be oversimplified

I’ve just realised amid reading all the many posts on blogs about the talent point revamp that Blizzard could have gone a very different route since Wrath. DDO* (Dungeons and Dragons Online) has a deeper more complex character creation system … Continue reading

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This is a phrase that is oft repeated on the blogosphere, especially after Blizzcon with the pandas, pokemon minigame and other changes to WoW that await us in 5.0. For me the most worrying aspect of Mists of Pandaria is … Continue reading

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