Date for SWTOR release

So according to the announcement at the Eurogamer expo ( SWTOR releases in Europe on the 22nd December 2011. What an inconvenient date! Christmas is the time for travelling to family, socialising and doing stuff a bit out of the norm. So are Bioware wanting to get schoolkids. Addicted while their off on holidays? I can’t see that many adults having much time to play, at least without neglecting or upsetting relatives, friends or partners!

Of course what I really want to know is what the last class will be in GW2!

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  1. Courtizy says:

    It’s actually a very convenient release date to grab the Christmas crowd. Not in the sense of addicting children out of the box, but it’s normal practice for major gaming companies to release games so close to Christmas to add to the hype. You also have to remember who will be the first to buy SWTOR… Not only will parents and shoppers be waiting in line for a video game, but during the last minute Christmas rush. However, they have offered digital download from the start. Summing it up, it will upset parents I’m sure. But, an inconvenient date…not so much.

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