Random acts of kindness

Yesterday while gathering for crafting quests in EQ2X I experienced a drive-by ‘random act of kindness’. Some character I’d never seen before zoomed up to me and opened a trade window in which appears a spell upgrade book for my class (Inquisitor). As it happens I didn’t already have that spell at Adept so it was very much appreciated. As soon as I’d clicked accept the other character zoomed off on their super fast mount. I had to whisper a thank you as they were already out of range of an emote in seconds.

This isn’t actually the first time that has happened in EQ2X, not sure if it’s standard practice or just that there’s a set of dedicated nice people spreading the love. This made me pause about the upgrade books I have in my shared bank space, waiting for me to some-day role an alt of the appropriate class. I believe I shall start handing them out instead as I really appreciated the gesture!

This morning, I read a thread on the Rift forums about the same concept – handing out bags or money to starting players to help them in the first steps towards greatness. It’s nice to experience and read positive examples of interactions with strangers in an MMO.

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