Gimmicky fights in WoW

I’m on catchup still after a holiday and just found this post on Spinksville about Gimmicky raid boss-fights in World of Warcraft.

This comment by Malchome sums it all up neatly for me:

I do not find running at 100%+ attention to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is ok for short periods but really 2+ 3 hours sessions a week is a bit much to expect that level of requirement.

I haven’t raided at all in Cataclysm. I wasn’t ever hard core before in WoW but did do some in TBC and Wrath eras. But for me raiding is a pointless gear-grind with unreasonable expectations for concentration and fast-learning of complex fights. Cataclysm has really taken that up a notch. No I haven’t played the encounters myself, but I have watched ‘over the shoulder’ someone doing various raids and the encounters are seriously over-tuned. Split second timing, insta-death mechanics and even raid-wipe penalties for missteps.

To me it seems like raiders are supposed to become some kind of hive-mind team acting in perfect unison, repeating the same dances to perfection. Where is the chance to individually make a difference, to use an ability creatively? It just doesn’t come close to my idea of fun; which is sad in a way as it’s the only meaningful end-game PVE MMOs have at the moment :-/


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2 Responses to Gimmicky fights in WoW

  1. Goodmongo says:

    Blizz has made two choices over the last year or so. The first one is to homogenize all classes where a noob and a pro in the same gear would do about 98% DPS of each other. Long gone are the days of John F’n Madden feral kitties or affliction locks. Way back in early TBC affliction locks used to be the king of the hill but very hard to play. Blizz changed this and the destro lock took over the top spot. But these were just shadow bolt spamming with the right level of gear.

    So with classes all too easy and not much different Blizz was left with only one option to make fights harder. And that is the mechanics of the fight. No longer do you kill adds, max dps but not pull threat etc. Heck Blizz is even getting rid of threat now.

    The skill required in the past was a skill in knowing your class. In knowing how to play your class. It seems to me today the skill being tested is the capacity to run around avoiding stuff, not running into stuff, to be able to hit and DPS/Tank?Heal on the run and moving to a certain spot in a split second when a warning comes up to move.

    • Telwyn says:

      Yes indeed, I really hate how the classes are being merged into one formless mess. Also yes to the shift from knowing your class to knowing the fight. Class abilities are becoming irrelevant as it’s all about environmental hazards and how split-second your reactions are…

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