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WoW should borrow more systems!

Since WoW is finally, after all these years, adding a costume appearance system; I feel that Blizzard could take a leaf from other games in other ways also… We have visitors down this weekend and they will want to play … Continue reading

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Dire Maul retrospective spot on..

Just read an excellent article¬†on about Dire Maul in WoW. I didn’t experience this myself as I joined in TBC, but going to Dire Maul in the TBC era it still had the same feel to it, and at … Continue reading

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Exciting times or meh?

Several big updates landing this week, Rift patch 1.5 and the Rise of Isenguard expansion for LoTRO. Sadly on paper neither brings that much to my characters as I’m still a long way from endgame in both these games. Rift … Continue reading

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Mentoring and AA slider

Coinciding with having read the Keen post about mentoring earlier, I’ve also just read a thread wherein posters raise again and again the problem of too-fast leveling in Rift on the official forums. These two related issues have struck a … Continue reading

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Keen on Mentoring

Keen re-examines mentoring as a game mechanic on his blog with a more positive view than a previous post. The post and comments support mentoring as being a better solution than adjusting dungeon difficulty when addressing the level-disparity between your … Continue reading

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Iron Pine Peaks

So I have moved on from Moonshade Highlands to Iron Pine Peaks now. Although I’d read negative opinions about Moonshade Highlands I did end there on a high note. I felt I had plugged the lore gaps relating to the … Continue reading

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Date for SWTOR release

So according to the announcement at the Eurogamer expo ( SWTOR releases in Europe on the 22nd December 2011. What an inconvenient date! Christmas is the time for travelling to family, socialising and doing stuff a bit out of the … Continue reading

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