Which is more important mechanics or community?

This is a tough question for me at the moment actually. I’ve been on a break from LoTRO, I’d started working on catching up my deeds for my champion and the grind really hit me. Sadly I have a very low grind tolerance, I just think it’s really lazy of devs to resort to naked grinds as a mechanic.

Anyway, jumping back in to give Runekeeper a try and see the revamped Dwarven starter area (which is really nice!), I then felt nostalgic for my champion and logged him again. Started doing some questing and it hit me. The community on Laurelin is pretty fantastic. I’d been drive-by buffed within a few minutes of logging in, within 15 mins someone had saved my hide after an escort quest got out of hand (it has been months since I played and the game felt unresponsive compared to Rift).

So I sat back at the quest hub pondering my choices of game and the reasons behind those choices. Of late I’ve been very much focused on mechanics (crafting, combat, open world content etc). But the one missing piece in these games is community. I duo in Rift, I solo in EQ2 but in LoTRO I’m part of a very good casual RP guild. So actually what matters more: having a lovely house to sit in on my own, being able to jump randomly into raid-like invasion events or actually playing with the same people on a regular basis?

All I need is for Rift’s combat, EQ2 crafting & housing, and LoTROs community to be combined…

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