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GW2 multiple guilds

I really like quite a few of the promised innovations or tweaks that Guild Wars 2 will (hopefully) bring to the MMO space. Zubon of Kill Ten Rats talks about the recent revelation that accounts will be able to have … Continue reading

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Have I been conditioned to not finish games?

I’ve just been reading a random find about a depressing view on the future of gaming at I should preface my response with the admission that I’ve concentrated almost 100% on MMORPGs for the last 4 years. Half of … Continue reading

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40th level!

My Rift cleric dinged 40 during my quick gaming session tonight. The last few bars of XP zoomed by without me noticing as I happily ran around Moonshade Highlands during an invasion event. Quite a different one from the norm … Continue reading

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Too much choice?

I’ve read today some predictions at We Fly Spitfires on the future of WoW and the mentioned likely removal of all faction/race restrictions on class choice for characters. Personally I think lore is important and it is a good thing … Continue reading

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Sinister tasks

There are lots of quests in MMO that involve killing things (people, monsters, animals etc). Basically we’re all expected to play characters who are tireless killing machines. Occasionally however this goes beyond the simple ‘hit them with your sword’ type … Continue reading

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Story re-playability

I’ve been playing more Rift again this last week after a veritable LoTRO binge. In both cases these two games have ‘epic’ ¬†quest lines to follow – main plots that help inform you of key events in the world and … Continue reading

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I logged on my solo character in Rift and decided to do some mountain climbing as I needed ore for crafting. This was the sight that greeted me as the sun broke through the clouds over the valley near the … Continue reading

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