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Crafting with a challenge curve?

So I’ve chosen a specialisation for my Inquisitor – he’s doing staves, wooden shields and the like for now as I wanted him to be practical and not just be making furniture to fill up his tiny house! Getting into … Continue reading

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blind invites

Why do people blind invite to group or even to guild in MMOs? Is it really that effective? I would never accept a group invite let alone a guild invite without first chatting to the inviting person. For guild I’d … Continue reading

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Robots and Dwarves and Asura, oh my!

So we decided to play some Guild Wars for a change of pace tonight. We’d recently reached Lion’s Gate with our Prophecies characters when we notice the Eye of the North starter quest is available. Without going into spoilers this … Continue reading

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Story quest brings the wow factor

No, not WoW factor but wow factor! šŸ˜‰ We did a story quest in Scarwood Reach a couple of nights ago involving a special air rift. The story was good enough, but the graphics were truly astounding! The swirling circle … Continue reading

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Inquisitor gameplay

A quick update on EQ2. I played my Inquisitor some more in Butcherblock last night. This is a *very* fun variant of the Cleric archetype. In particular the spell malevalent diatribeĀ seems like a cool mechanic. So I cast that before … Continue reading

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A tale of two events

Most of my gaming time of late has been in doing the Waves of Madness event in Rift and some Firelands dailies in WoW. I have posted on these, and certainly feel that the events add some nice new content … Continue reading

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Eerie atmospherics

At the end of my session questing in Scarwood Reach, I came back to Meridian under the gloomy dark skies of the Waves of Madness event, only to witness this strange sight on the horizon. Yes, there are giant floating … Continue reading

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