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Firelands first impressions

My thoughts: -Quite entertaining Thrall quest chain, though gets repetitive (Blizz not learning from their own strength of varying from kill X quests!) -Encourages some open world interaction between players, at least for the first few days or weeks -On … Continue reading

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A simple gift

Last night I had a very quick game of EQ2 on my Macbook before going to sleep, nothing serious just pottering around Darklight Wood on my Warden (couldn’t resist buying the unlock!). Whilst I was afk a moment my character … Continue reading

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WoW festivals

From, an article about the lack of updates to the standard WoW annual festivals. I’m well aware of this myself having played the game for years now and seen how little is added to these, other than upgrading the … Continue reading

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Imagination and MMOs

Very interesting post at, another new blog I’ve just discovered, this time about MMOs damaging a players imagination. I have to say this spoke volumes to me, it reminded me of the time when I first started playing Neverwinter … Continue reading

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Under Grenth’s stern gaze

Did a run of Guild Wars for the first time in a long time last night. Duoing with henchmen all the way, we’re just into the Northern Shiverpeaks in Prophecies. I really do like this game. I enjoy playing it, … Continue reading

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Dilemma time

So the free time as a Gold subscriber in EQ2 is over, and I’m now waiting on a petition to sort my Silver account rights as I’m missing two unlocked character slots! <sigh>. According to the forums I’m not the … Continue reading

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Straightjacket on playstyles

From MMO Champion’s 4.2 patch note coverage: “We changed several Balance druid mechanics to cut down on the damage they could do while moving in both PvP and PvE and to cut back on some of their strength in multi-dot … Continue reading

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