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Plots with feeling

I suspect I’m a bit biased when writing EQ2 posts at the moment, but that said I realised after uploading my last post why I’m enjoying the game so much. It comes down to the feeling of RPG having been … Continue reading

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I’m really rather fascinated by this game. It’s full on standard theme-park fare of course: gathering quests, kill quests, use item quests etc. But there are layers of depth that you don’t find in all games, such as: Languages to … Continue reading

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So many games…

I’m actually a bit torn at the moment of which game to play when. WoW is still there for grouping with long-term guildmates. LoTRO still holds a lot for me to achieve, especially with my main close to entering Moria … Continue reading

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Thoughts on WoW changes

Very interesting post on Do Not Try This at Home about Blizzard’s commercial approach to the more recent design changes in WoW and how this has affected guilds. I feel the same shift in focus as is stated in the … Continue reading

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EQ2 druid dilemma

A family holiday meant time away from home and gaming. However before I left I did manage to grab a few precious minutes trying out a druid (Warden) in EQ2. The recent compensation package offered by SOE includes a month … Continue reading

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GW2 and damage meters

Just read a Guild Wars 2 article over on Massively, in which the comments dip into the damage meter issue, i.e. whether in-built or 3rd party damage meters should exist. The devs weighed in on this issue in an interview: … Continue reading

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The Deeprun tram

For a bit of variety I’ve decided to move my Shaman to Ironforge to do his cooking and fishing dailies. Since he has the inscription dailies that need handing in to someone in Stormwind so I’m occasionally having to take … Continue reading

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