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Pugs and public groups

I’ve pretty much decided to make Rift my game for really engaging with a wider community. In WoW, DDO and LoTRO I’ve been almost from the start of each game in a close-knit guild of some kind which has provided … Continue reading

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Ozruk rant

So out of boredom we tried a random PUG last night, of course Mr RNG gave us Stonecore. We had a group of 4 guildies (my Boomkin, our Palytank, Disc Priest and Ele Shaman) and got a Fury Warrior as … Continue reading

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Rift update 1.2

Interesting read over at Massively on the next big update for Rift. The addition of new event types sounds promising. Appearance slots for gear is also very good news so I can chose how my characters look as they progress … Continue reading

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Slow it down!

Having played our Worgen leveling group for the first time in a while, I do wonder why Blizzard went to all that effort to redo vast tracts of the two ‘old-world’ continents in WoW, without sorting the leveling speed. It’s … Continue reading

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Do now or go back later?

Lots of theme park MMOs pose this question as you level characters. In WoW and Rift it’s whether to progress professions as you’re in the right areas for mats, in LOTRO do you kill things for your deeds while you … Continue reading

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Rifts and shared stories

The rift events in Rift are at present phased fights; the majority of them will probably always be mostly fighting of course. However even the current rifts have traces of story to them, they introduce lieutenants of Ragnaros – some … Continue reading

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Please put the World back in Warcraft! There’s been a fair amount of discussion online about this new initiative by WoWs devs to ‘encourage’ people to play tank or healer in LFD pugs. No reward or amount of gold could actually persuade me to pug. Back … Continue reading

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