Unrelenting evil

I’ve just started on really sorting my virtue deeds for my main in LoTRO since he is close to the level where he leaves the Eriador behind and ventures into the depths of Moria.

This means going back to the Shire, Breeland, Lonelands and other areas and killing things or completing quest chains to unlock the virtue traits he needs as a Champion.

I was feeling somewhat less interested in LoTRO of late, and assumed this was down to the current RIFT hype and my interest in that game. But having returned to the Shire for a slug-killing spree I realised that Angmar, the area I have quested in since level 40, is probably to blame for this change in enthusiasm for the game.

Angmar is monotonous and quite frankly unrelenting in its ‘evil place here!’ atmosphere. I actually don’t enjoy such areas. I’m sure it’s perfectly lore-appropriate for Angmar to have brooding skies and danger around every corner, but it just gets depressing after so many hours there.

In contrast the previous areas with a nice mix of peaceful landscapes and the odd ‘evil is encroaching here’ corner are much more engaging. It does worry me slightly that even later areas may even ‘out Angmar’ Angmar on the ‘evil everywhere’ stakes which could be a problem for me…

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